Where Does the DATA come from?

All except the Solar Data comes from Elexon.
The Solar Data come from Sheffield University.

Can I see the source data?

We are currently working on the download section and hope it will be completed before the end of July 2019.

Can I use the graphs on my Website or Publication?

Yes - as long as you mention Gridwatch.co.uk clearly as the source near where the information is used or displayed.

The Minimums and Maximums on the demand page don't seem to match the graph

The graphs show averages per timeframes (10mins, Hours or Days).
The Minimums and Maximums show the highest and lowest single reading rather than an average.

Where does the other information on the site come from?

The information comes from a number sources including Elexxon, The Digest of Energy Statistics,
The World Nuclear Association, The Dept for Business,Energy and Industry Strategy


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