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We will send you a paypal invoice and send the downloads after payment
This is a manual process and can take upto 24 hours (if it is used a lot we will add an automatic process)

It is important that the following is read before using the data.

The data is sourced from Bmreports and Sheffield University and processed by us.
  • Anywhere the data is used you must reference the data was sourced from in a clear and obvious manner.
  • The data can only be used by the purchaser and not resold or provided to others.
  • Where our system doesn’t read data at the live point it will go back at a later time and try and retrieve it so we have data for virtually all the points.
  • A value of -999999 or -999999.000 signifies we have not got data for that point. It is important you filter these out. We have left these in so that every point has data. This will exist in dates before solar and biomass was recorded (see below).
  • We have cleaned the data removing obviously incorrect data. You should do some checks to validate the data. Occasionally both sources report obviously incorrect data.
  • You should implement some checks or filter the data before usage. The following types of checks may help:
    • Check the total field – if this drops or increases significantly (maybe 20%) or (breaks a defined minimum (<15gw?) or maximum value(50gw?) the data is likely to be suspect.
    • Nuclear power is constant and does not change quickly – if one reading is significantly different to the previous suspect the data or a serious problem at a station.
    • Solar Power : This should be near zero at night – If it is reporting significant values then the data should be questioned.
  • The data is supplied in zipped csv format.
  • Data is held from 2012-01-01 to the present date.
  • A header row is used to define the fields :
    • FromDate , ToDate : the data on the rows falls into the range defined ie FromDate <= DATA < ToDate
    • Hours – total number of hours between FromDate and ToDate
    • Total – This is a total of all the averages for all the fuels & interconnectors.
    • For each fuel type and interconnector, 5 fields exist:
    • Ave_ : this is the average power for the fuel for the period defined in fromdate to todate.
    • Min_ : this is the minimum power for the fuel for the period defined in fromdate to todate.
    • Max_ : this is the maximum power for the fuel for the period defined in fromdate to todate.
    • Samples_ : this is the number of samples for the power in the period defined in fromdate to todate.
    • Source_ : this is used internally by
  • All power is in MW. To calculate energy (MWH) multiple the value by the number of hours in the period (the Hours field contains this value).
    • Eg if the period for each row is 1 hour then MW = MWH.
    • Eg if the period for each row is 1 day (24hr) then the energy for the day would be then the MW value x 24.
  • Biomass was included in Other until 2017-11-11 20:25. After this time it was moved into it own fuel type. Before this the Biomass fields will contain -999999.
  • Solar started being reported on 2016-01-01 00:00. Please see the Sheffield University website for more information about how this data is collected. Before this the Solar fields will contain -999999.
  • All dates and times are GMT (No BST)
  • Data is supplied at the following resolutions :
    • Hourly
    • Daily
    • Yearly

Can't I get the Data free straight from BM REPORTS and Sheffield University?

Yes of course. We believe we have added significant value by formatting it and removing bad data. The small amounts we charge for the processed data help with keeping this site running.

Can I have the data free? - I am a Student,Charity, etc

Unfortunately No. It has taken considerable effort and time to process and format the data and we believe the small charges are value for money.


Although you are in no way obligated, some users have requested a way to support the project.

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