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UK GAS NTS (National Transmission System)

last update 2021-02-08 09:50:00 GMT

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TotalThis is the total flowing out of the gas grid
UsageThis is the amount currently being used (ie not being stored and not being exported)
Power StationsThis shows the gas being used by CCGT and OCGT power stations to Generate Electricity.
Local DistributionAlso know as LDZ offtake flow. This is the flow into the local distribution zones - Supplying households and businesses.
IndustrialAlso known as Industrial Demand Flow.
StorageThis shows gas flowing to be stored for use in high demand periods.
Interconnector ExportThere are currently two pipelines which can be used to export gas. These are the IUK (UK – Belgium) and the BBL (UK – Netherlands). Both pipelines can support flow in both directions.


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