GB Electricity National Grid CO2e Output per Production Type

last update 2022-05-22 01:20:00 GMT

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Meters show Kilotonnes of CO2e per Hour
Graphs show Kilotonnes of CO2e per Hour
The CO2e values
The figures for the different types come from "Comparison of Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Various Electricity Generation Sources" units are tonnes CO2e/GWH
Fuel TypeValuesource
CCGT499Mean value from above publication
Nuclear29Mean value from above publication
Biomass45Mean value from above publication
Coal888Mean value from above publication
Wind26Mean value from above publication
Solar85Mean value from above publication
Oil733Mean value from above publication
OCGT499Mean value from above publication
HydroElectric26Mean value from above publication
Pumped Hydro415 Assumes that the plant produces 70% of the energy needed to pump the water to the higher resevoir.
The co2 for this will come from other fuels so a calculation is made with CCGT being 50% of the co2 and the rest being split between Nuclear,Biomass,Wind and Solar.
TO this figure is added the Co2 of a Non Pumped HydroElectrical.
((100/70)* ((CCGT/2)+(((Nuclear+Biomass+Wind+Solar)/4)/2)))+Hydroelectric
Interconnectors273These use the calculation (CCGT/2)+(((Nuclear+Biomass+Wind+Solar)/4)/2).
There is likely scope to attribute different values to each interconnector as the mix of fuels will differ
(ie The French Interconnector will use a high percentage of Nuclear)
Only interconnectors importing are added to the total as the co2e produced for exporting is already accounted for under each fuel.
Other273I do not currently have the break down of this
so have used the use the calculation (CCGT/2)+(((Nuclear+Biomass+Wind+Solar)/4)/2).

If you have an alternative source for CO2e information please let me know.


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