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This list shows the changes and modifications to the Website in reverse chronological order.

04/03/2020Version 2.15
  • Corrected average co2 calculation for current year displayed under graph
14/02/2020Version 2.14
  • Added CO2 for gas page. Changed gas pages to only show relevant outputs
13/02/2020Version 2.13
  • Correct 2.07 - co2e should not be added to the total for Interconnectors exporting (showing negative) as this is already included in the generation by Fuel
13/02/2020Version 2.12
  • Added description on the home page of how the figures are calculated
  • Updated the description of number of wind turbines
  • Moved the link to show percentages above graphs
23/01/2020Version 2.11
  • Added new pages for Gas National Transmission
09/01/2020Version 2.10
  • Improve labelling on small meters
21/12/2019Version 2.09
  • Save position of Meters on Main value,Main %,Co2 and renewables in cookies
21/09/2019Version 2.08
  • Co2 Calculation - Correct co2e figures for pumped hydro and interconnectors
05/08/2019Version 2.07
  • Co2 Calculation - forced values to positive when interconnectors showing negative
01/08/2019Version 2.06
  • Added download section
25/07/2019Version 2.05
  • Correct problem in display graphs on some Microsoft Browsers
25/07/2019Version 2.04
  • Power Stations list - Updated to new list of 24/07/2019
25/07/2019Version 2.03
  • Graphs - resize smaller for small devices
19/07/2019Version 2.02
  • Co2 page - change units on meters and graphs to Kt/h and co2 to CO2e
13/07/2019Version 2.01
  • Fix problem where graphs were not being displayed on some IOS browsers
12/07/2019Version 2.01
  • Change colouring of graphs to be more solid and easier to read
  • Added smoothing to graphs to make them slightly clearer
  • Add percentages into renewables (this was omitted in error in the version 2.0 rewrite)
10/07/2019Version 2.0
  • Rewrite - 90% new code , Changes include:
  • Daily graphs move to 10 minute interval from previous hourly
  • Meters moveable allowing reorganising of graphs
  • Graphs now show figures when hovered above points
  • Pages produced for all Generation types
  • Removed Smoothing of graphs and changed colouring
  • Updated CO2 figures from new source
  • Added donation option to help support the site
  • +many other changes


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